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Meet Melissa 

Melissa Gould has been protecting our community for eight years as an extremely effective misdemeanor, felony and specialty prosecutor in the 12th  Judicial Circuit.  In that time she’s achieved an exceptionally high conviction rate and, among many other issues, she’s successfully prosecuted cases  involving the following:  Sexual Battery, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Exploitation of the Elderly, Trafficking and Selling Narcotics, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Manslaughter, Animal Cruelty, White Collar Crime and Burglary.

The list of criminal matters Melissa has dealt with goes on and on, but no matter what she’s working on, she always demonstrates the enduring values of honesty and integrity.    She has a well-earned reputation as being a skilled prosecutor and she’s also known for consistently treating victims of crime with warmth, empathy and respect. As a judge, there’s no doubt that she’ll always be fair but firm.

Prior to becoming an Assistant State Attorney, Melissa worked in civil litigation and had a broad array of experiences in the areas of business and contract law, consumer protection, discrimination actions against employers and malpractice suits against professionals.  In those cases, her very strong and well-honed legal skills resulted in her almost always being on the prevailing side.

Melissa’s academic credentials are also very impressive and include a Master of Law (LL.M) degree from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.  In addition, she was a highly regarded university lecturer and taught courses on Family Law, Constitutional Law and Judicial Process.  

Melissa’s husband, Ryan Jawitz grew up in Manatee County and their children were born in the area.  Ryan is a local Board Certified dermatologist and both he and Melissa are exceptionally passionate and concerned about the well-being of our extraordinary community. 

Melissa has the sharp intelligence, diverse legal experience, trusted service and unwavering commitment to the law to effectively manage the myriad challenges of serving on the bench and – with your support – she’s incredibly eager to hit the ground running as the next Manatee County Court Judge.

Strong & Skilled Prosecutor

Proven & Respected Leader

Committed To Serving Manatee County

Courtroom Experience Successfully Prosecuting These Types Of Crimes


Child Abuse

Trafficking Narcotics

Sexual Battery

Grand Theft

Domestic Violence

Exploitation of the Elderly

Abuse of the Elderly

Neglect of the Elderly

Animal Cruelty



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