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Serving The Community

Letter To Voters

In her position as an Assistant State Attorney, Melissa has demonstrated a lot more than her powerful prosecutorial skills in the job. She’s also proven that her problem-solving and proactive approaches help make our community safer and our judicial system more effective.

In this context she works closely with local law enforcement officials and other professionals on issues related to identifying, investigating and in many cases eliminating criminal activity.

Melissa has also hosted, facilitated or participated in several educational endeavors for diverse stakeholders to help prevent or curtail exploitation of the elderly, animal cruelty, domestic violence, fraud and other crimes and these programs have been extremely well- received and made a meaningful difference in the 12th Judicial Circuit.

Serving and giving back to the community as a volunteer is also in Melissa’s DNA and has been a major priority for her for a very long time. As a teenager she won awards for her volunteer work and community leadership and that ethos continues to be a driving force in both her personal and professional lives.

During this COVID-19 pandemic she’s been delivering groceries and calling senior citizens and other immunocompromised individuals to check on their well-being. She does this because of her innate care and concern for all people, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Another voluntary job she’s taken on during the past four years is serving as an informal consultant to key people involved with the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) on matters related to southwest Florida. This initiative connects Israeli high potential tech start-ups with investors and partners in Florida. The primary economic development goal of FIBA is to encourage these companies to locate their U.S. offices in this state. Melissa gives her time to FIBA because she wants to assist in eventually bringing several life and society changing innovations as well as state of-the art technology companies and high paying jobs to our region.

As the next Manatee County Court Judge, Melissa can be counted on to continue and expand on her strategic volunteer and professional service, leadership and determined commitment to protect and enhance our community.

Courtroom Experience Successfully Prosecuting These Types Of Crimes


Child Abuse

Trafficking Narcotics

Sexual Battery

Grand Theft

Domestic Violence

Exploitation of the Elderly

Abuse of the Elderly

Neglect of the Elderly

Animal Cruelty



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